Source Code

FlickrSync is freeware and open-source. You can participate on the development. Just download the latest source code version and send us the suggested changes by email to If you want to participate more frequently, we can open a specific branch in the code for you

The source code is currently maintained on Codeplex.

Click here to see a list of recent changes and download the latest source code.

Future Versions

FlickrSync is developed on free time and there is no commitment to release new features. But we'll keep trying updating it with new features. See some of our backlog below

There are several things you can do to help support development of new features:

  • FlickrSync is open source. If you are a programmer, you can contribute with code for new features. Checkout more on the Source Code page. We would be particularly interested if anyone manages to compile and run FlickrSync on Linux and Mac, using Mono.
  • Send you own suggestions to our mailbox:
  • Give a donation using PayPal (just click on the icon on the left) and/or visit this website regularly. We would also appreciate if you bookmark it on your favorite social networks.
  • Blog about this and link to this website
  • Next Release Candidates

    Some of the following features may be included soon:

  • Select Set Master Picture
  • Support for Video
  • Minimal support for collections
  • Other features in the backlog

  • Include images from sub-folders on the same set
  • New Properties option: Never update the image itself
  • Change folder on properties dialog
  • Use Machine Tags for filenames
  • Improve source code documentation
  • Force update of all images
  • Refresh folders on right menu
  • Allow cancel during “Prepare Synchronization”
  • In the tree view only show plus-signs when there is a child folder
  • Manually remove files from synchronization (on the preview window)
  • Working on Mac and Linux (depends on Mono support for some .Net 3.0/4.0 features)
  • Autosuggest new folders within a folder
  • Import and Export configuration (with simple replace – ex: c:\ para d:\)
  • Auto updates
  • Detect changes on the image itself in order to avoid replacing the image (to be confirmed if possible)
  • Initial download of flickr images to stablish an initial synchronization
  • Use file size as filter
  • Use OTR (IPTC field Original Transmission Reference) to match to flickr (Exif)
  • Multiple synchronizations for the same folder
  • Multiple folders for the same set
  • On preview, show which tags were modified
  • Synchronize files linked by a shortcut
  • Add Files to upload
  • Change date uploaded of specific sets to force showing of that set on the beginning of the photostream
  • Reorder sets
  • Use a tag tree and synchronize only the last leaf (ex:Family\UncleSam – sync UncleSam)
  • Synchronize with pictures not in set.
  • Color icons on the folder tree
  • Manual filter of photos within a folder
  • View just Sets which are included on the synchronization process
  • Improved installation
  • Configuration of tag synchronization (example: include location as a tag)
  • Configure add-ons to manage pictures and metadata
  • Exclusion rules (ex: specific sub-folders)
  • Load information from Picasa.ini