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  • New User: Select your flickr user
  • Save Config: Save your folder configuration.
  • Preferences: Establish some default preferences to be used on the folder properties. See more detail on the properties page.
  • Autorun: From version 0.8.5 it’s possible to run Flickrsync unattended. Choose this option to see the command that you need to issue in order to run unattended. You should only choose to do this if you fully understand FlickrSync synchronizing mechanism and check regularly the log file to make sure everything is being done like you wanted to.
  • View Log: If you select to have a log file, you can use this option to open the log file, using your default text editor.
  • Donate: In order to support future developments, we would appreciate if you donate some money. This option explains how to do it. You can also click on the Paypal icon on the left bar on this web site.
  • Exit: Exit FlickrSync


  • View and Sync All: Process all marked folders and preview all operations to be done on flickr. Please see more information on View and Sync. Please notice that this operation might be time consuming if you have many folders synchronized with flickr. If you just need to synchronize some specific folders, you may select those folders (using ctrl of shift to select multiple items), right-click on a folder, and choose "View and Sync" from the local menu.
  • Reload Sets: Reload the flickr sets information. May be useful if you changed something directly on flickr.
  • Add Network Path: This option allows to add a new path (usually a network path) to the folder window to select folders for synchronization. After saving the configuration, this network path will always be shown on the folder window. Please make sure that the network path is always available when using FlickrSync.


  • Help: Show this help website
  • About: Show general information about FlickrSync
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