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Configure FlickrSync your way

The preferences dialog allows you to control the default behavior of FlickrSync and other generic settings

Default Synchronization Properties:

  • Method: Defines the default method for synchronization. See Folder Properties for a detailed explanation of the different methods.
  • Order: Defines the default sort order. See Folder Properties for a explanation of the different sort orders available.
  • Never Delete images from flickr: If you select this checkbox, this will be the default for new folders that are included on the synchronization. In this case, synchronization will only include new files and replace files that were modified but no image will be deleted from flickr. Please note that this setting only applies to new folders. If you already configured some folders, you will need to specify this setting on that specific folder properties.
  • Never Delete tags from flickr. FlickrSync also synchronizes tags on flickr based on local image IPTC information (keywords) or Windows Vista tags. This synchronization only affects tags on flickr that were defined by yourself on your flickr account. If one of your contacts adds a tag, this will never get changed. However, if you added tags yourself directly on flickr images, you may want to select this option to avoid FlickrSync from deleting those tags from flickr. Like the previous setting, this will only be applied to new folders that you select.
  • Show images on Sync Window. You may uncheck this checkbox in order to avoid preview of images on the View and Sync window. This should provide a slightly faster loading of the preview window.
  • Proxy Configuration:

    If you need to use a proxy to access the Internet, you can define here your proxy configuration. You can leave the proxy password as blank and it will be asked everytime you try to connect to flickr.


  • Messages: You can select if FlickrSync shows all error message, only the most important ones or no messages at all during normal execution. This may be relevant if you want to leave FlickrSync running during the night and you want to make sure it won’t stop for minor issues. If you select to show no messages, it is highly recommended that you activate the log file.
  • Logging: You can select the level of information that you want to save on a log file. This log file will always be available for you to see what happened during synchronization. This is also very useful if you are running FlickrSync unattended.
  • Log File: Press this button to select the file name for the log file.
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