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Define how you want to synchronize

When you access the properties of a specific folder or set, you can define how you want your synchronization done.

The folder is always selected according to the item you selected.

Selecting the corresponding Set:

You can match the selected folder with an existing set, just by clicking on the set thumbnail on the list. The name is immediately shown in the top part of the Properties window and the fields for New Sets (Title and Description) are cleared.

If you want to create a new set for this folder, you just need to type in the Title for the New Set and optionally a longer description.

Synchronization Properties:

FlickrSync allows you to choose the following properties for the synchronization process:

  • Method: The method field defines how do you want FlickrSync to match your local images with images on flickr. You have currently three different methods:
    • Match local filename with flickr title: When uploading a new image, the title on flickr is set with the filename (without extension). When synchronizing, FlickrSync looks for images that match the filename to see what changes need to be done. This is the default because it is compatible with the flickr default upload tool (Flickr Uploadr) and supports all image formats. Notice however that, with this method, you can't change the title on flickr. Otherwise FlickrSync will not be able to understand that the image is the same. Please notice also that, with this method, the field Title on image metadata will not get synchronized (this is the field used by the Picture Gallery Caption on Windows Vista).
    • Match by date taken: This is the recommended method if all your pictures are marked with date taken (usually all jpeg/jpg images that come from a digital camera or scanner have information about date taken). FlickrSync will use the date taken to match pictures on your local folders with pictures uploaded to flickr. Obviously, it is assumed that you don't have several pictures taken in the exact same second. If you do, you should choose another method.
    • Match Title or Filename with flickr title: This method is similar to the "match local filename with flickr title". However, instead of the filename, if the picture metadata has title information (for instance, using Windows Vista caption on Picture Gallery or using an IPTC editor like Microsoft Photo Info), the title is used instead of the filename. This is a better approach if you use metadata, but requires that you do not give the same title to two different images, in order to be able to synchronize correctly.
  • Permissions: In this field you can choose how you want your flickr permissions for pictures on this set (private, public, friends, family, …). If you choose "flickr default" FlickrSync will just use the default permission that you specified on your flickr account.
  • Order: You can choose how you want your pictures sorted on flickr. The default upload order is based on local modified date for files, but you can change this and select to sort by date taken or by title. You can even specify a detailed sort order picture by picture by using a special tag on pictures FlickrSync:order=number
  • Filter: Instead of uploading/synchronizing all pictures on a specific folder, it is possible to specify a filter. Currently the following filter are supported:
    • Filter by IPTC tags: If you use metadata on your pictures, either by using an IPTC editor (like Microsoft Photo Info), or by using Windows Vista tagging, you can specify that you only want to upload to flickr images that contain certain specific tags (ex: from folder c:\allimages upload all pictures that contain the tag "selected"). If you select this option you will see a box to define the filter tags. You can just write the tags, separated by semicolon or you can select them using the button "…". This button shows the list of tags that exist on the folder that is being configured.
    • Filter by Star Rating: You can choose to upload only pictures that have a minimal rating.
  • Never Delete images from flickr: Although FlickrSync allows you to preview every operation that is done on flickr, you may want to be extra safe and avoid any deletion of images from flickr. In this case, FlickrSync will not do a full synchronization, but will only add new images and replace images that are changed.
  • Never Delete tags from flickr: FlickrSync also synchronizes tags on flickr based on local image IPTC information (keywords) or Windows Vista tags. This synchronization only affects tags on flickr that were defined by yourself on your flickr account. If one of your contacts adds a tag, this will never get changed. However, if you added tags yourself directly on flickr images, you may want to select this option to avoid FlickrSync from deleting those tags from flickr.
  • Do not replace items on first sync: When you select a new folder, even if the pictures already exist on flickr, FlickrSync will not be able to know if they were modified locally. So, to make sure, FlickrSync will replace them on flickr on the first time to guarantee that everything is in sync. If you know that your pictures are ok on flickr, you can select this checkbox to avoid the initial replace.

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