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Preview the changes and synchronize

The synchronization process is quite simple:

For each synchronization folder selected on the Main Window, according to the synchronization properties defined for that folder, look for new local images, deleted images and images that were updated locally. All operations are then previewed on a preview Window, organized by folder:

If the synchronization preview is correct, you can choose Sync, and FlickrSync will start doing those operations on flickr. Otherwise just Cancel and review your folder properties.

See below for a little more detail on how FlickrSync works.

Matching images:

For each folder, matching local images with flickr, depends on the synchronization method selected on the folder properties. See the properties help page to understand how the different methods work and which one is right for you.

According to the matching method, FlickrSync may find:

  • New images: Images that exist locally and do not match any image on flickr (according to the selected synchronization method). These images will get uploaded to flickr.
  • Delete images: Images that exist on flickr but do not match any local image (according to the selected synchronization method). These images will be deleted from flickr. If you do not want these images to be deleted on flickr, you may select "Never Delete images from flickr" on the folder properties.
  • Updated images: Images that exist on flickr and match a corresponding local image. These will only get updated on flickr if they were modified locally since the last synchronization run. FlickrSync will only know that the image was modified if the system "modified date" is changed. If you use a program that does not change the file date, FlickrSync may not work (for instance, Google Picasa does not update the file date when georeferencing images with Google Earth - you may need to update the date manually to force a new FlickrSync synchronization on these images).
  • Skipped images: On some cases, images may be skipped. There may be several reasons for this:
    • Image is too big for flickr
    • Image as been tagged with special tags FlickrSync:cmd=skip or FlickrSync:type=video (you can also use colon instead of equal sign)

Updating Images

In case of updating images, please notice that FlickrSync updates the entire image on flickr and also metadata information, including, for instance:

  • Title and Description
  • Keywords/Tags (City and Country is also considered as a tag)
  • Geo location.
  • Author

In terms of updating tags, FlickrSync updates flickr to match the local defined tags (IPTC keywords or Windows Vista tags). These means that tags on flickr may be added or deleted according to the local changes. However, FlickrSync only modifies tags that were edited by an upload tool or by yourself on flickr. FlickrSync never changes tags that were added by a different user on your image. Also notice, that you may choose an option to "Never Delete tags from flickr" on the folder properties, if you do not want a full synchronization.

Showing Progress

After you preview all operations and press the "Sync" button, synchronization starts. During the synchronization process you may see the progress using the two progress bars and also the preview titles: The top progress bar shows the progress on each image. The bottom progress bar shows the progress on the entire process. The description below each image becomes green when that image is already processed and a check mark is shown.

FlickrSync shows which file is being processed and on the Windows taskbar and window title, you can see the overall percentage of the synchronization process.

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