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Detailed Technical Information


In terms of requirements, FlickrSync currently requires:

  • Windows XP SP3 or later
  • Microsoft .Net 4.0. This will be installed automatically.
  • Image Metadata

    Image metadata is currently extracted from IPTC and Exif headers. Namely the following fields are used:

  • Title: IPTC Title (or Caption)
  • Description: IPTC Description
  • Tags: IPTC Keywords + IPTC City field + IPTC Country field
  • Geo information: Exif 2.1 GPS IFD
  • For editing metadata we recommend the use of Microsoft Pro Photo Tools, which you can download from here

    Configuration Files

    Configuration information is saved on .Net user.config and app.config files.

    The important information which is all synchronization properties (list of folders and synchronization attributes per folder) is saved on your Application Data folder (under your Documents and Settings or Users), with the name FlickrSync.Config.user.XML where user is your username on flickr.

    You can transport this file to another computer or backup it and keep all configured folder information.

  • For Windows XP, this will be on: C:\Documents and Settings\[Your Windows Username]\Application Data\FlickrSync.Config.[Your flickr Username].XML
  • For Windows Vista or above, this will be on: C:\Users\[Your Windows Username]\AppData\Roaming\FlickrSync.Config.[Your flickr Username].XML
  • Running Unattended

    To run unattended, please make sure you fully understand the FlickrSync synchronization mechanism. Then follow these simple steps:

  • Use the Preferences dialog to create a log file and select a detailed level of logging.
  • Use the menu option File-Autorun to check the command needed to run unattended. This command will be automatically copied to your clipboard.
  • Create a batch file or a scheduled task to run this command
  • Disclaimer: FlickrSync will take no responsibility on any issues that may arise during unattended synchronization and that may modify your flickr account in an unexpected way.

    Special Tags

    There are some special tags that you can use and that may control FlickrSync behavior:

    • FlickrSync:Perm=permission. If you put one of this tags on your local files, the tags won’t modify your tags on flickr but they will control the permission of that specific image on flickr. The values available are:
      • FlickrSync:Perm=Private
      • FlickrSync:Perm=Defaut (use flickr default)
      • FlickrSync:Perm=Friends
      • FlickrSync:Perm=Family
      • FlickrSync:Perm=FamilyFriends (family & friends)
      • FlickrSync:Perm=Public
    • FlickrSync:Order=number. This tag may be used to control the sort order of pictures on flickr. Example: FlickrSync:Order=12
    • FlickrSync:cmd=skip. Added on flickr or locally, this tag specifies that this image is not relevant for synchronization. Note: this tag on flickr uses a special format and flickr will show it as machine tag and not as a regular tag.
    • FlickrSync:type=video. Added on flickr, this tag indicates that this is a video and therefore should not be modified or deleted (since FlickrSync is still not supporting video synchronization). Note: this tag on flickr uses a special format and flickr will show it as machine tag and not as a regular tag.

    On all special tags, you can use colon instead of equal sign (ex: flickrsync:perm:friends) to support Picasa users since Picasa does not allow insertion of equal sign.

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