What's New / Version History

FlickrSync is still on Beta version. All feedback is welcomed at flickrsync@gmail.com. If you do find a bug please submit it to this email with as much detail as possible

Version 0.9.2 (30/Dec/14) - current version

  • Fixed issue with timeouts on very large files and/or slow connections
  • Fixed autorun problems - sync not triggered automatically
  • New website
  • Version 0.9.1 (02/Aug/14)

  • Fixed issue with flickr not granting delete permissions after V0.9. Note:If you previously installed V0.9 and if it still doesn’t work, you may need to revoke the application permissions on https://www.flickr.com/services/auth/list.gne and then install flickrsync again
  • Preference order configuration not being used properly
  • Support for Windows XP SP3
  • Fixed issue from V0.9 where it tried to delete existing videos
  • Problems with synchronization of date taken
  • Version 0.9 (13/Jul/14)

    • Support for new flickr authorization method (solving error 403 on authentication)
    • Additional support for XMP together with IPTC tags
    • Support for Author metadata
    • Solve bug of Internet Explorer windows opening during sync
    • Update Source code to VS 2013 Express Desktop edition
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